“Seeing without love is like staring into darkness”.
Maurice Maeterlink

This book, Sabai dii Vientiane, has been published in french as a special issue of Les Cahiers de Dinan, with the support of the association Armor-Mekong ; it couldn’t have been developed without the knowledge, expertise and the unfalling support of

Mr Loïc-René Vilbert,
Director of the municipal library of the town of Dinan,
Publication director of Les Cahiers de Dinan,
President of the association Armor-Mékong.

This essay is dedicated:
To all the writers, poets, and musicians who have lauded the beauty of Vientiane and Laos,
and whose memories must be preserved
To all the artists who’ve enchanted us with their works, both old and new.
To all the travelers, scientists, and wanderers who allowed us to discover and understand this region, along with its roots and traditions
To all those who made the works of those creators possible and helped their preservation and transmission for the entire Lao people
And to all those to helped see us see Vientiane and Laos with the “eyes of the heart”




“In the beautiful city of sweet-scented sandalwood,
One cannot but notice that after the New Year,
All living beings are as fit as can be.”
Pierre Somchit Nginn.